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This is the place to live and work to connect with your community, become inspired by creativity, and be encouraged to explore new opportunities. This place is York, Pennsylvania!

Look closer and imagine life in your York. Engage in activities and events; jump start your career in this game-changing community. Discover an eclectic music and art scene, and a dynamic downtown bustling with shopping, dining, cultural, and affordable living options. Walk or bike through neighborhoods linked by the Susquehanna River and Heritage Rail Trail.

This place can be your place‒choose York.

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What would your home, work, and community look like in York? Imagine the places you might live, work, dine, shop, serve, or explore. York is Creativity Unleashed, and now you can become a part of the creative action of this community of entrepreneurs and innovators. What’s your York? Take this short quiz find out.

Why the keystone? Pennsylvania is named as The Keystone State because of its centralized location within the original 13 colonies and because of the state’s key role in the formation of the United States. Three of treasured U.S. documents were written in Pennsylvania: the US Constitution, the Declaration of independence, and the Gettysburg address.

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