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America's Industrial Art & Design capital

What is America's Industrial Art & Design Capital?

Find out why we are the home to Industrial Companies, Designers and Artists.

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What's Happening in America's Industrial Art & Design Capital?

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What is Creativity Unleashed?

The Union, A Co-Work Community

Members of The Union, one of three co-work spaces in York.

Home to some of the finest industrial designers and artists in the mid-Atlantic region, York is Creativity Unleashed. Our manufacturers and their skilled employees design and craft some of the finest motorcycles, violins, packaging containers and aeronautic parts in America. They design and build leading robotic systems that help companies move into tomorrow… and produce interior wall coverings that find their way all over the world.

The same ingenuity that redesigned our country’s industrial production in the 1940’s, does not end with manufacturing.  From pioneering new ways to combine applied design with industrial science to adorning our public spaces with art recycled from our past, to young professionals pooling their funds to challenge us to create game-changing ideas for the community; to sharing a dream of communal work space, resources, ideas, and passions, to build new business ventures…and then making that dream a reality. Creativity is in our businesses, our shops, our workers, our artists and our schools… it’s in our blood.  Creativity Unleashed is our heritage.

York is a magnet and a wellspring for innovators.  This is a place where creative people in all careers will find jobs that inspire them to unleash their talents. A passion and community spirit has been ignited as an indescribable spark, delivering the benefits of an enriched quality of life. York is the where you can have it all: a challenging and rewarding career, deep and engaging relationships, community impact, valuable education, and lifelong memories.