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This website tells the story of a community we proudly embrace. Whether you grew up here, or just moved in, life in York is an abundance of delightful places, activities, events and especially….people.Our heritage of industry and innovation has evolved into a perspective of creativity, community and commitment that is contagious, and before you know it – you realize this is where you belong; where creativity is celebrated, not only in our art and music, but also at work and at play.

This site is a snapshot of the life we embrace in York.  If you live elsewhere, enjoy these pages to decide if York is the right choice for you.

If you already call York home; celebrate with us; we welcome your stories of life in York:  What was it about York that attracted you? What brings you pride and a sense of belonging?   What are those favorite places, people, and activities that you love to show your visiting friends and family?  Help us to celebrate York as a guest blogger.  Submit your Celebrate York! stories to info@creativityunleashed.com and you will be notified if your story is chosen!

What's Your York?

What would your home, work, and community look like in York? Imagine the places you might live, work, dine, shop, serve, or explore. York is Creativity Unleashed, and now you can become a part of the creative action of this community of entrepreneurs and innovators. What’s your York? Take this short quiz find out.

Why the keystone? Pennsylvania is named as The Keystone State because of its centralized location within the original 13 colonies and because of the state’s key role in the formation of the United States. Three of treasured U.S. documents were written in Pennsylvania: the US Constitution, the Declaration of independence, and the Gettysburg address.

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